Who we are

Bluesource Renewables, L3C is a social benefit company with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Washington, D.C. area. Founded in 2016 under the larger Bluesource name, we leverage decades of experience and innovation to continue a legacy of social responsibility by guiding NGOs with constrained or donation dependent budgets through the complex world of energy management.

Our work allows NGOs to significantly reduce their electrical bills for no upfront fees, produces solutions that offset fossil fuel usage, and helps to install solar systems in Guatemala and Swaziland – among other locations – to empower marginalized communities.

What we provide

BSR offers three primary services to alleviate energy expenses.

  • First, we quickly and securely audit utility bills to identify inadvertent energy and tax overcharges, a frequent and significant error. If overcharges are found, we then submit reimbursement requests and process the paperwork required to prevent future overcharges. 

  • Second, we create customized energy plans to explore opportunities for reducing energy consumption through low- to no-cost solutions. These allow NGOs to take advantage of federal, state, and local incentives for energy efficiency.

  • Third, we help NGOs realize the benefits of solar energy by designing, engineering, and financing solar PV systems.

Our services typically reduce future energy bills by 10-30% annually so that NGOs can redirect those savings to more important mission-related initiatives.

Markets we serve

Utah and Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California. We also serve other markets where economics and market structures are favorable to our solar solutions.

Partners we serve

We serve both secular and faith-based NGOs with varied backgrounds and missions. For example,

  • Educational and public awareness groups,

  • Civic leagues and social welfare organizations,

  • Houses of worship for all faiths,

  • Labor and agricultural organizations,

  • Scientific or literary groups,

  • Charitable organizations such as food pantries, shelters, etc.,

  • Any other groups who are looking to increase both their energy efficiency and programmatic impact.